This is a very simple simulation of how planets and stars interact in space!

Modify the mass/gravitational pull, place planets and stars by clicking on the icons and dragging on the screen.

Modify the orbit trail time to see the trajectory of each planet.

(this is not an exact simulation. the units used in this app aren't real life units and objects do not collide with each other)

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Minimalist, Short, Space Sim


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SHPR on mac when? :D

Also the simulation is very pretty i like the randomly coloured trails and circular geometry of the orbits.

I would like to launch it on mac but I don't own a one and can't be sure if it will work properly... Maybe you can help me with that and be a "mac tester" if you want?

Sure! But just know i have next to no knowledge of how this thing works.

I will publish soon a playable version on itch. It will include windows and MacOS. 

I will be giving you free access to it when it launches so you can play it and see how it works on your device

Alright thanks, will do. Just tell me when.