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SHPR is an arcade shooter, arena survival roguelike in which you have to choose items, create builds and synergies that will help you to defeat enemies and bosses to be able to pass to the next levels.


  • Use your mouse to guide your character.
  • Your character will shoot automatically at the closest enemy.
  • Get action points at the end of each level and when you are performing great.
  • Use action points to buy new items or upgrade your existing ones.


  • 30+ items to choose from
  • Unique enemies, each with a different set of characteristics
  • Bosses with speacial abilities
  • Modern, minimalist graphic style

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Deck Building, Minimalist, Roguelike, Roguelite, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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OwO new title?

Yes, but the name is not final. 

It was originally changed because another game had the same name.

If you remember, I said the game is going to release on Steam. If you're still interested in seeing the development of the game and even be a beta tester here is the game:


Here's my discord server where you can provide any feedback, suggestions, etc


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I'd love to beta except I'm on mac. Also, what's the plan stage-wise? I managed to get to infinite mode once but surely 10 levels isn't the maximum?

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Level 10 is currently the maximum level.

After that point level 10 is just replayed over and over again. 

(at least in the itch.io version)

In the current version there are many levels.

I plan into adding up to 25 levels with a boss at every 5 levels.

After you defeat the base difficulty you will unlock NG+, NG+2, etc.

The game and the beta will also be available on mac, if everything goes as planned.

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I love the synergies but I absolutely hate all the tradeoff items, there are very few situations in which I would take any of them. Items with downsides are fun like poison, but tradeoffs like damage up for a firerate down seem pointless when you could just have a damage up. Maybe add more mechanically interesting items like the piercing, bouncing and OT damage? These kinds of items are my favourites. Maybe enemies explode into bullets or just enemies explode on death, or maybe shocking bullets to complement the ice and fire bullets? Once you've established a larger and consistent playerbase these more technical items that synergise will become established metas, and at that point some of the small-time roguelike Let's Players like Ailensrock and Sifd might pick this up. It's got a lot of potential. Also, love the artstyle and the pixelation option, simpler art styles always lend themselves more to roguelikes and make the game mechanics seem more refined.

Thank you for the review! 

Some mechanics/items changed a lot since this prototype has been made available to the public, but still, many of the things you pointed out are still in the game. I will really take into consideration this feedback and apply it in the final version.

I also felt like tradeoff items are pretty boring and unpickable but at the same time, advantage only items would make the game too easy. I will try to find a solution, maybe less tradeoffs, or new items with interesting ones.

Thank you again for the feedback, this type of reviews really help me!

This game is also supposed to release on Steam soon (by soon I mean 2-3 months) so, if you're interested in playing the full version of the game follow me for updates!



You're certainly right that only advantage items would make the game too easy, right now it's hard but not unwinable (is that a word?) it's just that I've played it quite a bit and without having a lot more or more interesting items there's not much replayability. Also, are you going to make starting shapes? Like if you kill 500 triangles you get a fast character with low health, or killing bombs gives you high health but only contact damage? Adding unlocks would massively increase replayability. Again, I do love the game and I've been playing it for months now, please don't massively change it, aesthetic and core gameplay are very well-made.

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The core gameplay hasn't changed a lot, if at all. It's just polishing that was added, a few new items, and performance improvements.

The development is nowhere close to the end, and the game can still be called a "prototype". It will definitely receive maaany updates regarding items (my plan is having at least 50 items), enemies, bosses, performance, better UI and even replayability.

Seems quite fun, but I had low FPS even on the menu screen.

It is because the game is running in the browser. In the final version, that will be hopefully released on Steam, the fps will be much higher

very well made

Thank you, really appreciate that!

As a fan of deck building, and bullet hell type games, I quite enjoyed this game! Although, after a few levels my computer started lagging because it is a browser game. Is there a version that will coming out for download? If so I would gladly play more of this!